There are over 30 years experience in electrical heating industry.

Our history

Since 1995, we have been focusing on electric heating solution development and production as well as industrial process control. We have more than 30 years of experience in projects and manufacture of:

  • Process electric heaters
  • Circulation electric heater type TCH
  • Immersion flanged heater type IFH
  • TSH suction electric heater type TSH
  • Duct electric heater types TDHH/TDHM/TDHL/TDSL/TDCL
  • Tank bottom heater type BTH
  • Explosive atmosphere heater type THE-X
  • Electric boiler type WSB
  • High temperature modular hopper heater type MHH
  • Hot air electric generator type GEAQ
  • Infrared electric heating
  • Heating element type IOEH for electric ovens
  • Drum electric heater type HHD/SHD
  • Electric heated hose type HTE
  • Heat trace and accessories
  • High performance electric heaters
  • Over-the-side heater type TSB for chemical baths
  • Radiant ceramic heater type THK
  • Coil heater type XTH
  • Thermocouples, thermoresistors and accessories
  • Terminals and electric cables for high temperature
  • Hook-up accessories for high temperature
  • Solid state relays and power controllers
  • Power electric panels, control and protection
  • Industrial electric heating systems

We are specialized in several types of applications

Our knowledge and leadership in technological innovations have helped to provide heating solutions for several industries. This wide experience enables us to define and supply solutions for specific needs in your application.

We supply products for several industries, including:
chemical, industrial gas, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, oil and gas, paper and cellulose, fertilizers, food, plastic, auto parts and others.

Our engineering and development excellences in industrial electric heating solution result in an extremely dependable company.